Spoil Your Loved One With Our 
Crochet Box & Make Them Feel Special!
Your loved one will feel the same excitement & joy of opening a Christmas present...
Hi, I'm Sarah the founder of Crochet Surprise.

Does your loved one like to crochet & would like to create some time out for themselves? 

Imagine your loved one receiving a beautifully designed box in the mail.
Imagine your loved one being like a little kid again waiting for the mail to arrive & wondering what they will get. 

Imagine your loved one being able to share their passion for crocheting with new friends all around the world. 

Imagine your loved one making a new project which they would never have tried before they joined our community.

That's Crochet Surprise in a nutshell. 

Crochet Surprise is a monthly crochet subscription box. Your loved one will receive our design inspired box, which contains a crochet pattern, yarn & any other materials required to create a special crochet project. In their box, they will also receive a carefully selected loose leaf tea to enjoy whilst they bring their project to life. 

My husband Doug & I started Crochet Surprise because we want to treat people to YOU time. A time where your loved one can have their own personal retreat from the pressures & busyness of life.
Our family :)
Crochet Surprise is more than a box, it's an 
experience where we treat multiple senses
When we first started designing & creating our Crochet Surprise box we always wanted to provide more than a box. We wanted to provide an experience that treated multiple senses.

Those senses being:

We wanted the first thing your loved one to see is a beautifully designed & packaged box when it arrives in the mail. That's why we had it designed by a graphic designer who has worked with many big brands. Our box is also printed on top grade material.
Our crochet pattern has also been beautifully designed & printed on really nice cardboard. That way, your loved one doesn't have to download a file online & constantly look at a screen in order to create their crochet project.
Finally, we provide & arrange everything that your loved one needs to make our specially hand picked crochet project.
When your loved one opens our box for the first time, we want that initial opening to be an experience in itself. 

We want the feeling of touch to be activated. That's why the contents of our box are wrapped up in really soft tissue paper, joined together by our signature sticker.
One of the most powerful senses is smell. It took us a while to figure out how we could incorporate this into our box.

That's when we incorporated our fragrant loose leaf tea into the box. Since our tea is packaged, the smell from the tea doesn't overpower the box but still gives it a beautiful fragrant smell each month.
Not only do our teas provide a beautiful smell when opening our box, they provide a taste experience for your loved one.

We wanted to include tea to allow your loved one to really relax & enjoy a drink whilst they do their crochet project. We love getting responses like this one below.
 Crochet Surprise is a gift that your loved one 
will actually want, use & most of all, love.
Have you ever spent hours driving around to different shops, looking online through multiple websites, constantly changing your mind as to what to buy all for the purpose of trying to find the perfect gift for someone? I've definitely been there multiple times!

Sometimes the worst part is hoping that your loved one will want the gift & then actually use it. That it's not sitting on a shelf gathering dust. That you haven't wasted your time & money...

Here at Crochet Surprise, that's exactly why we spend countless hours each month creating our box. And that all begins with the crochet pattern. 

I know as crocheters we often have certain types of projects that we're comfortable with. Your loved one may feel the most comfortable making a scarf, a pair of gloves or it could even be a hat.

We want to surprise your loved one & give them a project that they may never have thought about or tried before. A project that they would absolutely love. 

That's why it takes time, countless hours in fact, just working on the concept for the month. Then finding a designer that has done our concept or paying for one to create it for us. Then making sure the pattern makes sense for a person reading it.  

And the only way to do that is to actually make it ourselves. Then & only then if we're happy with it, we will include it in our box for that month by getting it beautifully designed, written up & printed out.

We would never include a pattern if it wasn't something we would be personally excited to make!

Take a look at our past projects below.
Connect with other crocheters all around the world in our members only Facebook group
A major reason why we also started Crochet Surprise is to connect people who join our community with other crocheters from all around the world.

Your loved one will meet others who also love to crochet & what better way to share with them than working on the same crochet project each month!

Once your loved one joins Crochet Surprise, they will get access to our private invite-only Facebook group. This is for our valued customers only so we can make sure it's a safe place for everyone to share & receive.

This is also where your loved one can ask questions about the pattern, post photos of your in-progress & finished Crochet Surprise project, chat about all sorts of crochet topics & anything else really!
In fact, come & meet some of our amazing members below. And hear what they have to say about Crochet Surprise...
We ship our boxes via USPS where every box is tracked, so we make sure your loved one receives it
There's nothing worse than ordering a gift online for someone & the gift never arriving! Or even worse, when you don't receive any sort of shipping & tracking information.

That's why Crochet Surprise ships with USPS. Did you know that USPS delivers 47 percent of the world's mail? It also has one of the largest retail networks — bigger than McDonald’s, Starbucks & Walmart combined.

When your loved one's box has been shipped, you'll receive a shipping & tracking email along with a tracking number. You can click the link in the email to find out the location of where your loved one's box is in transit.
Common questions we get asked
How do I give Crochet Surprise as a gift?
Ordering is easy and only takes a moment. Click here to send your loved one Crochet Surprise!

Where does Crochet Surprise ship?
Crochet Surprise ships internationally. We are based in Portland, Oregon in the United States & all our boxes are sent from this location.

My loved one is a beginner at crocheting. Will they be able to make the monthly project?
Our projects are aimed at the beginner/intermediate level. The primary stitches in the patterns we select are single crochet, double crochet, chain, slip stitch etc & if there is a more difficult stitch, it is clearly described. Beginners will be able to complete our projects :)
Give Crochet Surprise As A Gift Today & Here's What Your Loved One Will Get:
  • A box full of crochet joy: A box delivered to your loved one's doorstep containing a personally hand picked & specially selected printed pattern, yarn & any other materials required to create a special crochet project. Alongside this will be a carefully selected loose leaf tea to enjoy whilst your loved one brings their project to life.
  •  Private members only Facebook group: Connect with other crocheters all around the world. Ask questions about the monthly project, get help, talk about all things crochet & meet some new friends.
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